Explore the CELLIoT

Industry 4.0 at Manufacturing

Explore the CELLIoT

Industry 4.0 at Manufacturing


Production Monitoring and Management System

Our solution leverages embedded systems to collect data from the production line. The data is then processed on the server and displayed in your browser of choice.

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Data acquisition

Data gathered from industrial automation systems by embedded computers is sent to the server.

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Production metrics are displayed next to each cell.


Work instructions are shown on the screen at each workstation.


The web interface can be used to get an overview of the plant, production KPIs and assist decision makers with reporting features.

Production Management

Importing your production schedule can be as easy as uploading a spreadsheet.

Cell statuses can be assigned manually or follow a certain pre-set routine.

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Plant layout designer: users can arrange cells and workstations.

Work instructions are uploaded and then displayed at the workstations.

System-wide internationalization settings.

Fine-tuned access control.